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Porcelain color, metal finish, light temperature, and dimensions may be specified.

All sculptures made to order. 

Swag Pendants - Set of 5 - Half Spiral

Swag Pendants - Set of 5 - Half Spiral

White porcelain rings hang from sweeping braided metal cords. Warm, dimmable LEDs are inlaid on the inside surface of each ring.


The sculpture is inspired by a solar eclipse, one of nature’s most powerful aesthetic displays. The free form of the sweeping cords contrasts with geometric perfection of the porcelain rings. These two styles come together in an unexpected harmony and visual magnetism.


Only one junction box is required for each sculpture. Each set of Swag Pendants is custom designed by Ted Bradley for the space it will be installed in. The porcelain ring sizes may be specified by the designer.


· View Sculpture in 3D

· Dimensions & Technical

· Customizations, Services, Care

· CAD Files


Exceptional Craftsmanship

Each sculpture is a bespoke work of art that requires hundreds of hours to prepare.

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