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Porcelain color, metal finish, light temperature, and dimensions may be specified.

All sculptures made to order. 

Producer Pendant - Variable Angle

Producer Pendant - Variable Angle

Exceptional craftsmanship. Unlike anything else.


This sculpture is a feat of engineering. The wishbone arms are each cut from 30-lb blocks of solid brass for absolute precision. There are no visible wires - the arms are electrified with low voltage to power the ring (don’t worry, it’s safe!). There are no visible screws - the sculpture has a perfectly clean outer aesthetic - although there are over 20 tiny screws, nuts, washers, and other fasteners hidden away inside. 


The sculpture works well as a single or in multiples.


· View Sculpture in 3D

· Dimensions & Technical

· Customizations, Services, Care

· CAD Files


Exceptional Craftsmanship

Each sculpture is a bespoke work of art that requires hundreds of hours to prepare.

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