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Porcelain color, metal finish, light temperature, and dimensions may be specified.

All sculptures made to order. 

Mono Pendants - Set of 5 - Wave

Mono Pendants - Set of 5 - Wave

These sculptures present the porcelain rings in vertical orientation, allowing the full profile of the ring to be seen. The are similar to the Swag Pendants, but the omission of the draping cords leads to a simplified aesthetic. The number of rings, size of rings, and spacing can be customized, allowing the designer to readily create a one-of-a-kind sculpture for their client.


More than a thousand warm, dimmable LEDs are embedded on the inside of each ring.


This configuration was designed in collaboration with Isaiah Brown. 


· View Sculpture in 3D

· Customizations, Services, Care

· CAD Files

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Each sculpture is a bespoke work of art that requires hundreds of hours to prepare.

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