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Porcelain color, metal finish, light temperature, and dimensions may be specified.

All sculptures made to order. 

Eclipse Table Lamp - Aadil Abedi

Eclipse Table Lamp - Aadil Abedi

@aadilabedi “As an artist, I’m always looking for a new canvas to work on. When Ted approached me to collaborate on this custom porcelain ring light, I knew we could create something beautiful. A harmonious blend of script dances around the ring light, creating a symphony that will bathe your room with a gentle glow”.
. “As both a sculptor and engineer, my aim is to push the boundaries of what is thought possible. My collection features meticulously handcrafted porcelain rings inlaid with thousands of LEDs. I embarked on a year long journey to create the world’s first set of porcelain light rings. Each ring takes 5 weeks and several hundred steps to make”.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Each sculpture is a bespoke work of art that requires hundreds of hours to prepare.

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